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Balanced Scorecard
The Balanced Scorecard User Community is a peer to peer support group for all those interested in this approach. It is YOUR community, so please join us and participate in the various interactive areas available.

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Balanced Scorecard User Group: The Balanced Scorecard Approach

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The Balanced Scorecard FAQ
The Balanced Scorecard Approach
Our first Balanced Scorecard FAQ has just been published. Acting as a basic introduction, the following is an extract:

1) What is the Balanced Scorecard?
The Balanced Scorecard is a management and measurement approach designed to enable clarification of vision and strategy and translation into action. Or in other words, a method to align business performance with organizational strategy.

2) Is it new?
No. It was originally was developed in the early 90's.

3) Who developed it?
The developers were Dr R Kaplan and Dr D Norton.

4) What exactly does it cover?
Essentially, it specifies that we should view the organization from four different perspectives: Learning and Growth; Business Process; Customer; Financial. From here, we produce metrics, collect data/information and analyze with respect to each.

5) So these perspectives are used to allow us to measure perfomance in different ways?
To a degree. Some allow more meaningful measurement of progress towards achieving vision/mission, others better measurement of drivers for success. Both current perfomance and efforts/ability to improve are monitored. Within the method, each perspective includes objectives, measures, targets and initiatives.

6) Is it widely used?
Yes. The Balanced Scorecard Institute maintains a list of adopters. This includes organizations from across board: banks, universities, power companies, government departments, IT firms, health sector entities, and so on. It is very well established.

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Balanced Scorecard News
The Balanced Scorecard Approach
Our on-board forums dedicated to the Balanced Scorecard approach are now open. These are intended to allow open debate, and free exchange of information, between Balanced Scoresheet students and professionals. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, please feel free to engage in the lively discussions.

W3J have published a new versions of their wide ranging introductory support pack. The Balanced Scorecard Support Pack includes roadmaps, presentations, checklists and guides to assist newcomers to the method.

We are currently constructing a section for papers and publications. If you have anything of interest, please submit it.

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